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The Honors Program has three principal components.

  1. A series of four interdisciplinary colloquia:
    • The classical civilizations of Europe and Asia;
    • The medieval world;
    • The early modern world from 1500 to 1850; and
    • The contemporary world from the industrial revolution until today.

  2. Upper-level seminars on a variety of topics in the liberal arts.

  3. Independent research leading to the production of a senior Honors Project/Thesis on a topic of the student’s choice.

From time to time, the Honors Program also sponsors a study abroad trip in the summer.  Recent trips have included travel to Spain, Italy and Greece.

The Honors colloquia meet twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a period of two and a half hours each day. Each of the four colloquia is a six-credit course that helps to fulfill various core requirements. The exact breakdown of which core requirements are fulfilled by taking Honors can be found in the “Honors and Core Requirements” section of the Honors Program website.

Normally the four colloquia are taken in consecutive semesters during the student’s first and second years, but for various reasons some students may decide to postpone enrolling in the later colloquia until their junior year.

During junior year, Honors students are encouraged to follow their interests; and on that basis they should enroll in upper level, writing intensive, seminar style courses with an eye toward discerning what it is they wish to do as a senior project/thesis. In order to count as Honors seminars, these courses need to be approved by the director of the Honors Program. By the end of their junior year students are required to submit a specific proposal for their senior Honors project. This proposal should include the name and the signature of the faculty member with whom the student will be working. The proposal must be approved by the Honors faculty.

In order to graduate with the Honors certificate, a student must maintain a 3.0 average in the honors colloquia, as well as an overall GPA of at least 3.0.

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