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The MASCL Approach

MASCL provides a unique and powerful curriculum of leadership development combined with communication expertise that enables professionals to achieve business success.

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The 36-credit online MASCL degree is a dynamic online program that provides a highly interactive, team-based learning environment encompassing the following five modules and a cross-modular skills component:

Module I
COMM 8520 Strategic Communication and Leadership

Module II
COMM 8521 Organizational Leadership, Management and Communication

Module III
COMM 8522 Leadership Communication Strategies

Module IV
COMM 8523 Diversity and Globalization

Module V
COMM 8524 Strategic Planning

Three 2-credit Residencies
COMM 8525-8527 Communication Excellence - Individual Skills Coaching Through All Modules


The program includes three on-campus weekend residencies at the beginning, middle and end of the program. The residencies allow students to apply what they have learned online and present their speeches and strategic communication plans to their peers and professors. The three-day residency weekends include complimentary meals for students, leadership and communication exercises, and free time for the students to get to know each other. The final residency weekend concludes with commencement exercises.

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Dr. Richard Dool
Director - Graduate Studies Communication
Associate Professor
College of Communication and The Arts

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