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Museum Professions Careers
The Master of Arts (MA) in Museum Professions prepares students for professional careers in museums and other cultural institutions. Alumni have found job placements worldwide, in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors.

To view a small sample of job placements, click here.

Museum Internships
All students are required to complete a 200-hour internship as part of their coursework. The internship counts as a three-credit course. Internships provide supervised practical experience in a museum or at a historic site. Students find internship placements that fit their educational and professional goals. All internships must be approved by the internship supervisor.

To view a sample of institutions at which students have interned, click here.

Institute of Museum Ethics
The MA Program in Museum Professions is affiliated with Seton Hall University's Institute of Museum Ethics (IME).  Founded in 2007 with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the IME promotes accountability, transparency, and social responsibility in the museum.  

Student Life

Students in the MA Program in Museum Professions  come from all over the country and abroad. Some are recent graduates, others have been out of school for some time. Students' undergraduate majors include but are not limited to anthropology, art history, archaeology, biology, business, English, and history. To learn more about our student body, click here.

Director of Graduate Studies
Petra Chu, Ph.D.

(973) 761-9460
Art Center, 205

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