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Students who pursue an honors degree participate in a research project under faculty guidance and write an honors thesis about their work.  Having completed such a research project is a great addition to a student's resume!  Many graduates with honors degrees have found employment in areas related to their projects in areas, such as web technologies, computer systems, software design, etc.  Others have successfully moved on to graduate school where research experience is greatly valued by admissions offices.

The minor program in computer science prepares students to be successful in the job market by enhancing the education of other fields, such as business, finance, engineering, sciences, and design. It teaches designing and building software, including aspects of interface design, security issues, web development, and mobile computing.  It also emphasizes how to use computers and computation to solve problems in applications involving databases, networks, computer security, computer-aided design, natural sciences, and many more.

Graduating with honors requires:

  • completing the BS major program in computer science with a 3.3 GPA or higher in major courses numbered 3000 or above and a 3.0 overall GPA, with at least 60 credits completed at Seton Hall University

  • completing a two-semester research project under the supervision of a department faculty member

  • writing a honors BS thesis on the project

For more information, see the 2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalogue

The student handbook describes procedures of particular interests to computing students. 

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