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Qualified students in the B.S. Mathematics program have the option to complete an honors thesis project under the supervision of a department faculty member and then graduate with Honors.  Below is a list of recently completed honors theses.  

Recent Mathematics Honors theses include:

Student Term  Faculty Supervisor  Title
Michelle Houck1 Spring 2009  John T. Saccoman, Ph.D. A surgery reducing the number of spanning trees for threshold graphs having a specified degree condition
Monika Heinig  Fall 2008  John T. Saccoman, Ph.D.  Laplacian integral multigraphs
Sarah Smith   Fall 2008 Nathan Kahl, Ph.D.  Solutions of σ(q)+ σ(r)= σ(q+r)
Danielle Dombrowski2   Spring 2008 Daniel Gross, Ph.D.  Component Order Connectivity of Harary Graphs
Susana Holloway2,3    Spring 2008 John T. Saccoman, Ph.D. A Note on Handshaking Puzzles III:  Additional Multigraph Realizations
Joanna Gillen2   Spring 2008 Nathan Kahl, Ph.D. Spanning Trees of Complete Bipartite Graphs that Contain Specified Edges
Laura Helbing  Fall 2007  John T. Saccoman, Ph.D.  Spanning Trees of Non-Ideal Split Graphs
Jen Michewicz5 Fall 2006 John T. Saccoman, Ph.D.   A Formula for the Number of Spanning Trees of Certain Non-Threshold Split Graphs

  1. Poster on the work was presented at Garden State Undergraduate Student Conference, William Paterson University, February 2009.
  2. Talk on the work given at Moravian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Pennsylvania, February 2009.
  3. Work published in Graph Theory Notes of New York 56 (2009), pgs. 44-48.
  4. Work published in Congressus Numerantium 192 (2008), pgs. 129-139.
  5. Work published in Congressus Numerantium 184 (2007), pgs. 85-96.
To learn more about the honors thesis requirement or graduating with a B.S. in Mathematics Honors degree, please contact a faculty advisor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
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