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The Center for Developmental Mathematics at Seton Hall University is proud to host the Mathematics Learning Lab (MLL) in collaboration with the Ruth Sharkey Academic Resource Center (ARC). Sharing the ARC’s mission of supporting successful academic performance, the MLL is committed to providing resources that enhance the mastery of mathematical concepts at all skill-levels with the aim of improving performance in mathematical courses. An award-winning initiative, the Mathematics Learning Lab was built in 2005 with funding from Seton Hall University’s Provost Office, the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLTC), and the National Center for Academic Transformation’s initiative Roadmap to Redesign (R2R). The Lab is currently supported by the Department of Mathematics/Computer Science and TLTC.

The MLL features the Classroom Lab and the Tutoring Center. The Classroom Lab has 20 computer workstations and a laser printer in a friendly and comfortable learning environment. It is supported by full-time faculty assisted by student Learning Assistants. The Classroom Lab mainly facilitates the Developmental Mathematics program which incorporates the use of online technology in learning. The Developmental Mathematics online classroom environment offers students continuous access to course material, alternative palettes of assistance such as video instruction and step-by-step examples, rapid feedback mechanisms that increase accuracy in the learning process, and standardized homework and testing formats that increases the familiarity of the material being presented online while also helping to ease students’ anxiety of working with computer software.

Through its competent (and friendly) team of tutors, the MLL tutoring center provides additional learning support through scheduled and drop-in tutoring sessions. Students receive assistance in completing homework exercises and preparing for dreaded exams! Tutor expertise covers a wide range of topics from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. All services provided by the tutoring center are free for Seton Hall University students.

The Mathematics Learning Lab Classroom is located in Arts & Sciences Hall, Room 111. The Tutoring Center is located in Arts and Sciences Hall, Room 108.

For more information about the schedule and services of the MLL, please contact Prof. Wendiann Sethi, Director of Developmental Mathematics in AS 202C, (973) 761-9765 or

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