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Each year the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Seton Hall University invites a distinguished speaker to give a lecture in memory of our former chair Charles Franke.

  • 2009: Narain Gehani, Chair, Department of Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark
    Bell Labs - The Glorious Days of Research

  • 2008: Fred S. Roberts, Rutgers University
    Graph-theoretical Models of the Spread and Control of Disease and of Fighting Fires

  • 2007: Tuck Washburn, Seton Hall University
    The Jacobian Conjecture

  • 2006: Ed Sandifer
    Mathematics and Controversy: Examples Euler

  • 2005: Harold M. Edwards, Courant Institute

  • 2004: Frank Boesch, Stevens Institute of Technology 
    Applications of Graph Theory

  • 2003: Jeff Lagarius, ATT
    The 3 X + 1 Problem

  • 2001: Andrew Odlyzko, ATT
    Zero's of the Zeta Function

  • 2000: Janos Pach, New York University
    Crossroads in Flatland

  • 1999: John H. Conway, Princeton University
    The Monster

  • 1998: Harold Edwards, Courant Institute
    The Foundations of Algebra

  • 1997: Joan Birman, Columbia University
    The Theory of Knots

  • 1996: Ingrid Daubechies, Princeton University

  • 1995: N.J.A. Sloane, Bell Laboratories
    Arrangements of Points on Spheres

  • 1994: Ronald Graham, Bell Laboratories
    The Mathematics of Juggling


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