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The faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are committed to providing an outstanding educational experience for our computing students. Classes are taught according to state-of-the-art principles of computer science education. Students are encouraged to work one-on-one with research faculty on projects where they can exercise skills learned in the classroom and develop new skills. Our department is well-equipped with modern computing facilities

Computing is part of our daily lives and it is used to solve some of society's complex and important problems in many areas, such as transportation, communication, medicine, etc.  Therefore creative and innovative computing experts are in high demand.  Their work and expertise enable us to make a positive difference in the world.

Computing careers are exciting because computing experts often work in diverse teams.  Computing expert work with chemists and doctors in developing and studying new drugs; they work with engineers who design new airplanes; they work with financial experts who study the stock market, etc.  Since computing has such diverse applications, a degree in computing provides a foundation of knowledge and problem solving that will even result in a competitive edge for many other careers because they rely on computing.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the premier organization for computing professionals, details the above and more key reasons to major in computing. For the complete list and information of really cool careers in computing visit the ACM Computing Careers Website. Here you will find:

  • Top Ten Reasons to Major in Computing
  • What Computing Professionals Do
  • Skills You'll Learn if You Study Computing
  • Cool Computing News

And much more!

The major is computer science at Seton Hall is designed to prepare students for an exciting career in computing.  Towards this goal it offers a variety of courses, ranging from computational thinking and problem solving, over software engineering, to computer graphics design.

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