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More and more careers in today's society require a background in computing. The minor program in computer science prepares students to be successful in the job market by enhancing the education of other fields, such as business, finance, engineering, sciences, and design. It teaches designing and building software, including aspects of interface design, security issues, web development, and mobile computing.  It also emphasizes how to use computers and computation to solve problems in applications involving databases, networks, computer security, computer-aided design, natural sciences, and many more.

Minor in Computer Science 

Students planning to minor in computer science must contact the department chair in order to have an adviser assigned to them for this program. Students in this program must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.3.



 CSAS 1114-1115 Design of Programs I & II


 CSAS 2123-2124 Design of Classes I & II  


 MATH 1501 Honors Calculus I 


 MATH 1611 Introductory Discrete Mathematics  


 CSAS 2125   Computer Systems and Assembly Programming 


 CSAS 2126  Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis 


 CSAS 3000/4000 level course in Computer Science 


     Total: 28-29

Note: Co-Op courses do not count toward the elective requirement.

The students enrolled in the Minor in Computer Science program are taught by faculty that are well-recognized for their research programs. Current research focus lies in the areas of software engineering, programming languages, and symbolic computation.


Visit the Computing branch of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to learn more about computing. To talk to Dr. Joan Guetti, the chair of the department, or to a faculty adviser, please call (973) 761-9466.

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