College of Arts & Sciences

Criminal Justice Minor
The purpose of a minor in criminal justice is to lead interested students to an understanding of the contemporary criminal legal system, and to supplement and enrich a related major course of study. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credits and is suitable for students majoring in a social science, social work and communication, or those students planning to attend law school or preparing for any career in which a knowledge of the criminal justice system is useful.

Required Courses
CRIM 2612
The Criminal Justice System in Modern America
CRIM 2616
SOCI 1101
Introduction to Sociology

Elective Courses   
Any two of the following:
ANTH 2213
Case Studies in the Anthropology of Law
CRIM 2613
CRIM 2614 Police in Modern Society
CRIM 2615
CRIM 2617 Juvenile Delinquency
CRIM 2618 Community Supervision
CRIM 2619 Prosecution and Adjudication
CRIM 2912 Criminal Justice Administration and Management
CRIM 2913, 2915-2916, 2918-2920
Special Issues in Criminal Justice
CRIM 3894-3896
Criminal Justice Co-op I, II and III   
SOCI 2213
Law and the Legal System   
SOCI 3815
Deviance and Conformity   
Any one of the following:
SOCI 2211
Marriage and Family Life   
SOCI 2314 Organizations and Society
SOCI 2513 Social Inequality
SOCI 2515 Majority-Minority Relations
SOCI 2701 Social Change
SOCI 2713 Politics and Society

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