College of Arts & Sciences

Students in any major may choose a minor in Environmental Studies.  Students majoring in one of the natural sciences may choose a minor in Environmental Science.

Minor in Environmental Studies
The environmental studies minor is intended to complement a major in any subject to increase awareness of environmental problems and possible solutions.

  Required Courses (10-11 credits):

ENVL 1011
Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVL 2122/
BIOL 2122
Introduction to Ecology

Choose one of the following as a prerequisite to ENVL 2122/BIOL 2122
BIOL 1101 Introduction to Biology * 3
BIOL 1104 Biology and the World Around Us 4
CHEM 1001 Chemistry and the World Around Us** 3
* BIOL 1201 may be substituted for BIOL 1101 or BIOL 1104.
**CHEM 1123-1124 or CHEM 1107-1108 may be substituted for CHEM 1001.

Elective Courses  (9 Credits)

Choose from any ENVL courses.

Total credits required:

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