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The minor in ethics and applied ethics requires students to complete a minimum of 18 credits in philosophy according to the distribution given below. It is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of ethics, as well as to prepare them to work in the various fields of applied ethics, including environmental, business, biomedical, political, and media ethics. The program will help students understand ethical debates and complements a variety of professional pursuits, including business, management, public policy and administration, diplomacy, and medicine.


I. Students must take PHIL 1105 Ethics and one of the following courses (6 credits):

PHIL 1101
Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHIL 1125
Business Ethics 3
PHIL 1155
Ethics and International Affairs 3
RELS 1502 Contemporary Moral Values 3

II. Students must take three of the following courses (9 credits):

PHIL 2100 Modern Society and Human Happiness 3
PHIL 2110 (WMST 2110) Feminist Theories 3
PHIL 2115 (ENVL 2115) Environmental Ethics 3
PHIL 2130 Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 2140 Political Philosophy 3
PHIL 2150 Philosophy of Law 3
PHIL 2205 Moral Theories 3
PHIL 2120
Freedom in a Technological Age 3

Students may substitute a 2000 level course with one of the following courses or any other relevant course with the approval of chairperson.

COMM 2134 Communication Ethics 3
RELS 2520 (CAST 2520) Catholic Social Teaching 3
ANTH 3215 Human Rights and Social Justice 3
DIPL 4106 Human Rights 3

III. Students must take one of the following 3000 level philosophy courses with an emphasis on its ethics component (3 credits):

PHIL 3000
Plato 3
PHIL 3005
Aristotle 3
PHIL 3010
St. Augustine
PHIL 3015
St. Thomas Aquinas
PHIL 3060
Spinoza 3
PHIL 3070
Kant 3

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