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The Italian Studies Minor
The Italian Studies Minor (18 credits) offers courses of Italian language, literature, history, civilization, cinema, theater, opera and art history. In addition to our Italian Studies Minor, Seton Hall also offers outstanding preparation for graduate school or a career in international business, diplomacy, teaching, social work and the law. Students in Italian also have the option to do internships for major companies and government offices that work with Italy. Students with majors in any field are encouraged to consider the advantages of a minor program that provides focused attention on the history, language and culture of a country and people whose experiences continue to be fundamental in shaping the modern world.

Faculty and Italian Studies Committee Members: Bénéteau (Director); Booth; Capra; Connell (LaMotta Chair); Murzaku; Nichols; Romani (Director of Alberto Institute); Savastano; Waters

Minor Requirements
The Italian Studies Minor requires 18 credits of study distributed among at least three of the participating departments and programs. Students must complete at least 6 credits in Italian language and literature at any level.


ANTH 1202
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2230
Folklore and Mythology

ANTH 2412
Anthropology of Religion

ARTH 1113Italian Renaissance Art

ARTH 1114
Leonardo and Michelangelo

ARTH 1115
Baroque and Rococo Art
CAST 3999Emergence of Christian Rome
CLAS 1312Archaeology of Rome
CLAS 2320Roman Civilization
HIST 2365
Italian American History

HIST 3234/CAST 2234
Medieval Italy

HIST 3235/CAST 2235
Modern Italy

HIST 3233/CAST 2233
Dante and his World

HIST 3240
The Renaissance and Reformation
ITAL 1001-1002
Elementary Italian I-II

ITAL 2001-2002
Intermediate Italian I-II

ITAL 2701-2702, 3701Study Abroad in Rome, Italy
ITAL 3001-3002
Advanced Italian I-II

ITAL 3011Conversational Italian I

ITAL 3305-3306
Italian Civilization I-II

ITAL 3321-3322, 4324-4325
Special Topics in Italian Civilization

ITAL 3401-3402
Survey of Italian Literature

ITAL 3601
Italian Cinema

ITAL 4401The Italian Renaissance
ITAL 4411
Dante's Commedia I

ITAL 4412
Dante's Commedia II

ITAL 4421
Manzoni and the Historical Novel

ITAL 4431-4432Modern Italian Literature I-II
ITAL 4441-4442
Contemporary Italian Prose

ITAL 4463The Italian Theater
ITAL 4468-4469Italian Short Story I-II
ITAL 4801-4803
Studies in Italian Literature I-II

ITST 3192
Special Topics in Italian History

ITST 3193
Special Topics in Italian Art History and Music

ITST 3194
Special Topics in Italian Language and Literature

LATN 3150Medieval Latin
MUHI 1119
History of Opera

Find out more! Contact the Italian Studies Director, Dr. Bénéteau at (973) 275-2718 (or by e-mail:, or any one of us to discuss your interest and our enthusiasm for Italian Studies. Arrivederci!

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