College of Arts & Sciences

Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies Program
Minor Program (18 Credits)

  Introductory Courses (6 credits)
  May be taken in any sequence
LALS 1001 Introduction to Latin American Studies
LALS 1002 Introduction to Latino/Latina Studies

  One advanced Spanish or Portuguese course above the College of Arts and Sciences Core Requirement (3 credits):
PORT 2103-2104 Portuguese/Luso-Brazil I-II
SPAN 3001-3002 Advanced Spanish I-II
SPAN 3011 Applied Spanish Conversation
SPAN 3101-3102 Advanced Spanish for Native Speakers I-II
SPAN 3302 Spanish-American Civilization
SPAN 3402 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
SPAN 4111 Business Spanish: Correspondence
SPAN 4461 Spanish-American Narrative I
SPAN 4462 Spanish-American Narrative II
SPAN 4463 Spanish-American Theatre
SPAN 4465 Spanish-American Essay
SPAN 4466 Spanish-American Poetry
SPAN 4471 Spanish Literature of the Caribbean
Students who begin the minor at a beginner level of Spanish or Portuguese language may apply for exemption through the Department of Modern Languages from the advanced language requirement, although the number of required credits will remain the same.

Select two of the following (6 credits):
LALS 1401
HIST 1401
History of Latin America I
LALS 1402
HIST 1402
History of Latin America II
LALS 2517
SOCI 2517
Latinos and Latinas in the United States
LALS 2614
POLS 2614
Latin American Politics
LALS 3319
SPAN 3319
Traditions and Cultures - Issues in Latin American Popular Culture
LALS 3324
SPAN 3324
Classics of Latin American Literature in Translation
LALS 3401
SPAN 3491
ENGL 3404
U.S. Latina/Latino Literature

Elective course (3 credits):
ANTH 2243 Peoples & Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 2412 Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 3218 Immigration to the United States
CAST 3997 Latin American Catholicism
HIST 2490 Topics in Latin American History
POLS 3214 Urban Politics
SOCI 2513 Social Inequality
SOCI 2515 Majority-Minority Relations
SOCI 2713 Politics and Society
SOCI 2910
POLS 2910
Research Methods in the Social Sciences
SPAN 2711 Spanish and Latin American Cinema
LALS 3100-3110 Special Topics in LALS
LALS 4100-4110 Special Topics in LALS
Or any other LALS course offered.

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