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Minor in Nonprofit Studies
The minor in nonprofit studies is a program designed to prepare students for careers in management in the nonprofit sector, especially with agencies working with youth and social services. The nonprofit sector is growing by leaps and bounds, and the need for highly prepared professionals to lead nonprofits is also soaring. As government funding and programs are cut, there has been increased community dependence on nonprofits, more nonprofit involvement with vulnerable populations, and limited time and resources available to recruit qualified, new employees, particularly African Americans and Latinos.

The minor in nonprofit studies will consist of 21 hours of directed study, including one core course, POLS 2120 The Nonprofit Sector, one course in nonprofit financial and fundraising management, POLS 2121 Financial and Fundraising Management, one course in organizational theory (from list), one course in community and social issues (from list), one course in management (from list) and one course in leadership. Students also will be required to complete an internship with a nonprofit organization. Student may apply a maximum of 6 credits from their major to the nonprofit studies minor (exclusive of internship experience).

 Required Courses 
POLS 2120
The Nonprofit Sector
POLS 2121
Financial and Fundraising Management in Nonprofit Organizations
  Organizational Theory
NUTH 4114
Leadership, Management and Trends in Nursing
PSYC 1216
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
SOCI 2314
(POLS 2115)
Organizations and Society
SOWK 1111
Introduction to Social Work

Organizational Practice Theory
BMKT 2601
Introduction to Marketing
BMGT 2501
Principles of Management
BMIS 2701
Management Information Systems
COPA 2512
Public Relations I
  Community and Social Issues
AFAM 3311  Public Institutions and the African-American
AFAM 2313
Black Politics
IDNS 2001
Women and Health
NUTH 4115
Community Health Perspectives
PSYC 1212
Child Psychology
PSYC 1213
Adolescent Psychology
PSYC 2216
Social Psychology
SOCI 2513
(WMST 2513)
Social Inequality
SOWK 1311
Children and Youth in Society
SOWK 1911
Introduction to Gerontology
WMST 1401
Women, Culture and Society

Leadership Elective
DIPL 3101
Concepts of Leadership
PHIL 1125
Business Ethics
RELS 2520
Catholic Social Teaching

POLS 2516
Nonprofit Practicum I

A Certificate in American Humanics (24 credits) is also available. Please see the Undergraduate Catalogue for more information.

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