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Russian and East European Studies
The Russian and East European Studies Program brings together students and faculty from a range of different disciplines around a common interest in the cultures, languages, history and political institutions of Eastern Europe and the territories of the former USSR. Students minoring in the program receive a comprehensive interdisciplinary training preparing them for a life-long engagement with this intriguing and important region. In addition to the academic offerings students in the program will have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of cultural activities including lectures, forums, films, field trips and our study abroad program in St. Petersburg.

To complete the minor student must receive 23 credits consisting of eight credits of intermediate level Russian and 15 credits of area studies courses drawn from the list below. The language requirement may be waived for students passing an advanced level proficiency exam in a major Slavic or East European language.


RUSS 2001
Intermediate Russian I
RUSS 2002
Intermediate Russian II
RUSS 2011 Interactive Intermediate Russian I
RUSS 2012 Interactive Intermediate Russian II  
Area Studies:
DIPL 4185
Foreign Policy of the Post-Soviet States
DIPL 4193
Eastern European and Post-Soviet Politics
ENGL 3401
Classical Russian Literature
ENGL 3402
Contemporary Russian Literature
HIST 3165
History of the Cold War
HIST 3246
Kievan Rus' and Moscovy
HIST 3256
History of Imperial Russia
HIST 3257
East Central Europe
HIST 3266
Twentieth Century Russia
HIST 3276
The Transformation of Russia, 1894-1932
HIST 4290
Topics in Modern Russian History
IDIS 1103
Contemporary Eastern European Society
POLS 2613
Russian Politics
RELS 2224
Eastern Christianity
RUSS 3011
Russian Conversation
RUSS 3001-3002
Advanced Russian I and II
RUSS 3031-3032
Scientific Russian I and II
RUSS 3401-3402
Introduction to Russian Literature I and II
RUSS 3301
Russian Civilization through Film
RUSS 4431-4432
Modern Russian Literature I and II
RUSS 3601
Russian Cinema
RUSS 4463
Russian Drama
RUSS 4801-4802 Studies in Russian Literature I and II

Additional area studies electives may be accepted for credit toward the minor at the discretion of the Russian and East European Studies Program Director.  No more than nine credits of area studies electives may be taken within a single department.  Students wishing to receive a certificate in Russian and East European Studies must complete all the requirements for the minor plus a certificate essay, a substantial work of original research produced in the course of a three credit research seminar or directed reading.

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