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The Women and Gender Studies Program offers a minor, houses the Elizabeth Ann Seton Center for Women's Studies, and hosts the university’s annual Women and Gender Studies conference. Consistent with national trends, Women and Gender Studies is one of the fastest growing programs in the College of Arts & Sciences as students recognize the real-world applications of this degree.

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field exploring the intersection of gender and the structures that shape and are shaped by it. Scholars and students investigate issues including but not limited to economic forces such as the distribution of wealth, wage equality, or access to education and employment; political forces such as legislation and women in elected office; historical forces such as and social forces including violence against women, the representation of women in the media, and gender expectations. Students taking courses or minoring in Women and Gender Studies gain an understanding of how their world and their own lives affect and are affected by gender. Consistent with the university’s mission, Women and Gender Studies thus offers students a rich understanding of the diversity of opportunity and challenge facing individuals and societies, preparing them for lives of effective and responsible participation and leadership.

As a minor (18 credits), Women and Gender Studies is an excellent complement to virtually any major. It will strengthen students’ academic preparation and better prepare them for the world within and beyond the university’s gates, including a competitive and rapidly changing job market. Students’ preparation for the professions (law, medicine, education) and the corporate world will be greatly enhanced by a rigorous analysis of gender and its importance in the wider culture. Students who have explored the disciplines through the gender lens will be better prepared to understand the complexities of the world and to manage their careers.

As events in the second decade of the new millennium have proved, gender remains as great a source for injustice as ever. Through the minor, programming such as speakers and roundtables, and an annual conference, the Women and Gender Studies Program fosters an awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing our students and prepares them for rich, rewarding, and productive lives of servant leadership.

To talk to a faculty adviser, contact either co-director of the Elizabeth Ann Seton Center for Women's Studies: Vanessa May, Ph.D., at or (973) 761-9447 or Karen Gevirtz, Ph.D., at or (973) 275-2176.


WMST 1401
Women, Culture and Society
WMST 2110
PHIL 2210
Feminist Theories I


WMST 2113
ENGL 3113
Women and Literature I
WMST 2114
ENGL 3114
Women and Literature II
WMST 2160
RELS 2160
Women in the Biblical Tradition
WMST 2171
HIST 2171
Women in Modern Times
WMST 2317
AFAM 2617
The Black Man and Woman
WMST 2322
CLAS 2322
ARCH 2322
HIST 2170
Women in Antiquity
WMST 2431
ENGL 3431
Immigrant and Post-Colonial Women Writers
WMST/HIST 2341Women in America to 1869
WMST/HIST 2342Women in America from 1869 to the Present
WMST 3365
HIST 3365
CORE 3427
Family, Poverty, and Social Justice in the 20C US
WMST 3382
CORE 3382
ENGL 3382
English Catholic Women Writers of the 17th- and 18th-Centuries
Modern Women of Faith (web)
WMST 3513
CAST 3012
Modern Women of Faith
ARTH 3201
Gender and Art

Behavioral Sciences

WMST 1215
PSYC 1215
Psychology of Gender
WMST 1334
SOWK 1334
The Well-Being of Women
WMST 1335
SOWK 1335
Family Violence
WMST 2211
SOCI 2211
Sociology of the Family
WMST 2233
ANTH 2233
SOCI 2233
Understanding Human Sexuality
WMST 2514
SOCI 2514
Sociology of Women and Men
WMST 2513
SOCI 2513
Social Inequality
WMST 2610
POLS 2610
Women and Politics
WMST 3318
RELS 3434
Women, Gender and Islam
WMST 3335
RELS 3433
Women, World Religions
WMST 3432
COJR 3432
Women and the Media
WMST 3514
ANTH 3513
SOCI 3514
Sociology of Gender
WMST 4001
ANTH 4001
American Indian Women

Additional electives

WMST 3891Internship
WMST 3191Independent Study
WMST 3193Independent Study
WMST 3194Independent Study
WMST 3332Special Topics in Women's Studies

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