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The Curriculum
The 39-credit MPA degree program includes the following: 

Core Courses (18 credits)
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PSMA 6001 The Environment of Public Service Management 3
PSMA 6002 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis 3
PSMA 6004 The Economic Environment of Public Service Management 3
PSMA 6005 Financial Management and Control 3
PSMA 6009 Managerial Decision Making 3
PSMA 6010 Managing Human Resources in Public Service Organizations 3

Concentration Requirements (12 credits)
Students must select an area of concentration and complete the requirements for that concentration. 

Public Service:  Leadership, Governance, and Policy
PSMA 6003
Public Policy Process, Analysis and Evaluation
PSMA 7122
Strategic Management of Collaborative Governance
PSMA 7124
Finance and Budgeting for Effective Governance
PSMA 7715
Ethics in Public Service

Nonprofit Organization Management
PSMA 6003
Public Policy Process, Analysis and Evaluation
PSMA 7311
Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
PSMA 7312
Leadership and Management in Nonprofit Organization
PSMA 7715 Ethics in Public Service

Health Policy and Management

PSMA 7521
Heathcare System
PSMA 7522
Healthcare Policy
PSMA 7513
Healthcare Management
PSMA 8523
Ethics in Healthcare Administration

Plus one course from the following list: 3
PSMA 7514
Healthcare Financial Management and Accounting
PSMA 7518
Managing Community Health Systems
PSMA 8514
Healthcare Economics
PSMA 8517
Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare Operations 3
PSMA 8518
Human Resources & Legal Aspects of Healthcare Organizations
PSMA 8521
Quality and Information Management Systems 3
PSMA 8520, 8522,
8524 - 8529
Topics in Health Management and Policy
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Electives (6 credits)
Each student must take two additional MPA elective courses, including any of the following additional electives.

PSMA 6007 Organizational Theory 3
PSMA 6008 Information and Computers in Public Service Management 3
PSMA 7121 Public Service Leadership: Involving Groups and Communities in Decision Making 3
PSMA 8111-8129 Topics in Public Service: Leadership, Governance, and Policy 3
PSMA 7712 Program Evaluation Methods: Outcome Assessment 3
PSMA 7715 Ethics in Public Service 3
PSMA 8711 Topics in management and Policy Science: 
Leadership Institute
PSMA 7313 Resources Development (Fundraising) 3
PSMA 7314 Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations 3
PSMA 7315 Managing Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations 3
PSMA 7321 Grantsmanship 3
PSMA 8311-8329 Topics in Nonprofit Management 3
Students may also choose to use a course from another concentration as an elective after consulting with their faculty advisor.

Capstone Experience (3 credits)
All students are required to complete a "capstone" experience course.  This can be an internship (PSMA 7991), practicum (PSMA 7992) or research seminar (PSMA 7993).  Students work with their faculty advisor to choose the most appropriate capstone option for them. 

MPA in Public Administration  Pi Alpha Alpha  Naspaa 

Program Chair
Matt Hale, Ph.D.

(973) 761-9510
Jubilee Hall, 563

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