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Benefits of a graduate degree in the Biological Sciences.
Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences located in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a Master of Science (MS) in Biology, with the option of a Neuroscience track or a minor in Business Administration. The MS in Biology program trains students in basic research and teaching for careers in academic institutions or the biotechnology industry. This program also provides a solid foundation for entry into PhD programs. Evening and weekend classes are available.

In addition to the general University and College requirements for the degree, the Department of Biological Science requires the MS in Biology candidate to follow one of the following plans:

Plan A - with thesis: recommended for students who intend to continue their studies at the doctoral level or pursue a career in research

Plan B - without thesis: primarily a coursework oriented degree program.

Plan C - without thesis, with a minor in business administration: recommended for students who are interested in inquiring knowledge about the technical aspects as well as the business aspects of the biological and pharmaceutical industries.

You may view the curriculum for each of these options.

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Director of Graduate Studies
Angela V. Klaus, Ph.D.

(973) 761-9146
McNulty Hall, Suite 307-Room 311

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