College of Arts & Sciences

Freshman and Sophomore Years

Select a major field of study that is rigorous, appealing, and in which you can do well.

Begin to establish a positive impression with professors who could write letters of recommendation for you.

Become involved with student organizations, activities that interest you and can lead to positions of substantial responsibility.

Start exploring the work of attorneys and paralegals through internships and volunteer work.

Be sure to take a course in logic to help you with the LSAT.

Junior Year

Become familiar with the law school applications process through a study of the Office of Pre-Law Advising web site and attendance at Office of Pre-Law Advising/St. Thomas More Society/Phi Alpha Delta functions.

Start your search for the right list of law schools for your interests and career plans using the resources available on-line or in the Office of Pre-Law Advising library.

Make an appointment to see the Pre-Law Advisor to go over any unanswered. questions and gain additional information not readily available or missed.

Begin Preparing for the LSAT administered in June.

Register with LSAC and LSDAS.

Secure work for the summer in a law-related field.

Senior Year (or Year Before Entering Law School)

Complete list of prospective schools.

Gather application materials for each school.

Arrange for the transmission of all application materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, application, personal statement, etc.).

Ask for letters of recommendation and provide those willing to write with proper forms, stamped and addressed envelopes, the deadline, and any other materials requested.

Make the arrangements for dean’s certifications for the schools that require them

Write a draft of your personal statement, check for errors, and then consult with the Pre-Law Advisor on your draft. Revise accordingly.

Monitor your LSDAS account regularly for the receipt of materials.

Take the LSAT in October (if necessary).

Complete all applications by late November.

Take the LSAT in December (if necessary).

Check with schools in December/January to make sure application is complete.

Complete the FAFSA and any institutional financial aid applications as soon after January 1st as possible.

Meet with Pre-Law Advisor in spring after receiving responses to applications to discuss options (if necessary).

Take appropriate actions on acceptances, wait-lists, and financial aid.

Before leaving campus arrange for the transmission of final transcript to the law school you plan to attend and/or any schools still considering your application.


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