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I. Introduction

The Women and Gender Studies Program was established in the spirit of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, whose life of activism, spirituality, and leadership serves as an inspiration to our community. The program embraces, as does the University as a whole, the life of Elizabeth Ann Seton as a model and example of a life of service dedicated to others.  The Women and Gender Studies Program draws on traditions that continue to inspire the University that bears her name and invokes the spirit of her vision to face the challenges of the new millennium.

II. Mission, Goals and Objectives

A. Mission
An eighteen credit minor, the Women and Gender Studies Program at Seton Hall University provides students with an interdisciplinary exploration of the experiences of women and diverse perspectives on gender as a category of analysis.  Courses investigate the roles of gender in society and culture, often doing so in conversation with analyses of race, class, and other identities.  The curriculum allows students with an interest in issues related to women and gender to explore those issues in a variety of disciplinary contexts.  Students who minor in Women and Gender Studies develop a broad understanding of the role of gender in shaping the human experience.   

B. Goals, Objectives

  • To introduce students to the use of gender as a category of analysis across the liberal arts curriculum.

  • To encourage students to think comparatively, globally, and intersectionally about women and gender in a variety of disciplinary contexts.

  • To help students to develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through interdisciplinary study.

  • To encourage students to think broadly about matters of social justice and to become leaders in their chosen fields of employment.

  • To foster a community of scholars and teachers from the liberal arts, the social sciences, and the physical sciences who are interested in issues related to women and gender and to encourage faculty development.

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