Stillman School of Business

Critical Thinking

This competency refers to the ability to identify relevant issues or variables, analyze their interrelationships, and conceptualize solutions for specific problems. Inherent to this competency are proficient thinking in abstract terms, being able to see the "big picture", and understanding how the various parts of an organization or an idea fit and function together.


This competency refers to the ability to communicate effectively, in writing and orally, with people of diverse business and professional backgrounds, both within and outside the organization.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

This competency refers to the ability to recognize and understand the accepted principles of right and wrong governing the conduct of business people and the ability to recognize and consider the social consequences of economic actions when making business decisions, given a presumption in favor of decisions that have good economic and social consequences.


This competency refers to the ability to work with others as part of a team. The focus here is on developing an understanding of the principles of teamwork: working toward a common goal, sharing leadership responsibilities and authority, sharing power, sharing information to utilize resources fully, loyalty and collegiality, and building and maintaining personal and professional relationships.


This competency refers to expertise in utilizing technology to improve productivity. The focus is to develop both computer literacy (that is, how to use computers) and information literacy. Specifically, knowing how to find and gather relevant data from various sources, organize, summarize and analyze them, and create meaningful and effective information for making business decisions.

Change Management

This competency refers to the ability to respond to, and/or initiate change. The management of change competency is focused on the students' skills in four areas: managing change within oneself B as one matures and grows, managing change within organizations, understanding and responding to the dynamic domestic and global business environment, and solving creatively business problems generated by a changing environment.

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