Stillman School of Business

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program at the Stillman School enables Seton Hall students to obtain competencies of the business core and a breadth of knowledge in liberal arts and other fields.

The B.A. in Business Administration (B.A.B.A.) requires a minimum of 120 credits, including 82 core credits and 38 credits of selected concentration and elective coursework. Electives may be taken at any undergraduate college or school of Seton Hall, but may not exceed the maximum number of business credits noted within each concentration.

Students may choose one of the following concentrations:

Concentration in Arts and Sciences
Students may select a concentration from any one of the arts and sciences fields. The number of credits required is the equivalent of a minor program in the chosen area; this number generally ranges from 18-30 credits. Students are also required to take a course in history through consultation with their advisers. The remaining electives shall be selected from the College of Arts and Sciences curriculum, but NOT be part of a student’s chosen concentration.

Concentration in International Studies
Students who declare a concentration in international studies are required to take 27 credits, which consists of 12 credits in a specific language sequence, 6 credits in the cultural and geopolitical component, and 9 credits in the international business component (see Minor in International Business). They must also complete the core credits. The remaining elective credits may be taken in any college or school at Seton Hall.

Concentration in Diplomacy and International Relations
Students who declare this concentration will complete the requirements of the minor in diplomacy and international relations offered by the Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations.  Remaining elective credits must be selected from courses offered by the College of Arts & Sciences.

Concentration in General Studies
In addition to the core, students may accumulate their elective credits from any college or school of Seton Hall. Business electives may not exceed 9 credits. Students in the B.A.B.A. program also are allowed (and encouraged) to take a maximum of 9 credits through the Cooperative Education Experiential Education program. They must meet the criteria for participation in this program.

Dual Degree Programs
B.A./Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

B.A. or B.S./M.B.A. Program (For Non-Business Majors)

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