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Many alumni of the Accounting program at Seton Hall University have achieved outstanding career success. Some have become major executives of large multinational corporations; others are partners in major CPA firms; still others have become managing partners or officers in private firms.

The Seton Hall University accounting program is one of the very few accounting programs in New Jersey that all Big Four accounting firms annually visit to recruit students.

As an accounting major, you have an unlimited number of career paths. Most graduates opt for a career in either public accounting or private industry. However, a number of graduates use their accounting degree to branch off into other areas of business since an accounting degree proves to be a useful tool in all business pursuits. In addition, an accounting degree serves as an outstanding background for those planning on going to law school or an M.B.A. program. The combination of an accounting degree with graduate work in another area has consistently proven to make students with this background most attractive to prospective employers.

Seton Hall also has an excellent Career Center, with a multitude of resources and personnel whose primary mission is to set you on the right career path.

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