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Today’s Information Technology Management (ITM) professional is challenged to know the technology behind the system as well as possess the business fundamentals necessary to add real value in the workplace. Long gone are the days of merely sitting behind a computer tapping away at the keyboard. Strong managers with effective project management skills are making the ITM professional a valuable commodity.

The ITM concentration in the Stillman School of Business:

  • provides a thorough understanding of the principles of computerized information systems;
  • teaches students to appreciate the capabilities and limitations of computerization;
  • develops skills necessary for the evaluation, development and implementation of information systems; and
  • increases students’ appreciation of the economic, social, legal and technological considerations present in information processing activity.

As an ITM major, your required courses will focus on mastering the technology that exists, but you’ll have the flexibility to choose elective courses that explore either the managerial or technical aspects of information systems, which gives you a more well-rounded education.

Our graduates go on to successful careers as business analysts, consultants, software development specialists, network administrators, and implementation specialists in such organizations as:

Ready to tap into the technological world of an ITM professional? Check out our degree requirements and apply today.

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Chair: David Rosenthal, Ph.D.
Department of Computing and Decision Sciences
Jubilee Hall, 675
Seton Hall University, Stillman School of Business
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange , NJ 07079
Telephone: (973) 761-9250

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