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A concentration in marketing prepares students for marketing jobs in product development, brand management, services marketing, advertising, international marketing, retailing, sales and marketing research. Because of the increased emphasis on marketing strategy throughout American business, the marketing field offers excellent employment and advancement opportunities. There has been a continuous increase in the demand for marketing professionals, and the average starting salaries of marketing graduates are higher than those in many other fields. Because of the knowledge of products, services and consumers gained in these jobs, marketing positions provide an excellent basis to reach the highest levels in the organization. A marketing education also provides entrepreneurial skills that enable students to start and operate their own companies or enter an existing family business.

The marketing curriculum consists of required core and elective courses. The core courses provide students with insights into consumer behavior and marketing research and the skills required to analyze, plan, implement and control marketing programs. The elective courses provide the opportunity to learn how to manage products and services and develop pricing, distribution and promotional strategies, both in the United States and international markets.
Note: A concentration in marketing is not offered in the evening

Concentration in Marketing Requirements
In total, marketing majors must complete between 15 and 21 credits in marketing (in addition to BMKT 2601, which is part of the Business Core), with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in all marketing courses.
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I. Two of the three following core courses:

 BMKT 3611
 Marketing Research
 BMKT 3615
 Consumer Behavoir
 BMKT 4631
 Advertising Management

II. Electives

 Electives* (9-12 credits)

*At least 6 credits must be BMKT 4000-level courses.

Total credits: 15-21

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