Stillman School of Business

Certificate in Business

(For Non-Business Majors)

The Certificate Program in Business is designed for non-business majors at Seton Hall University and other regionally accredited colleges.

Students are exposed to the language of business. Major concepts in accounting, marketing, finance and management provides head start in the business world. These courses provide solid preparation for entering the job market and starting a career after graduation.

Students successfully completing the 12-credit program will receive a Certificate in Business from the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University. In addition, Seton Hall will verify completion of the overall program to potential employers or other parties, if requested by the student.


To qualify for the Certificate Program in Business, applicants must:

  • major in an area other than business at a college or university with regional accreditation;
  • have completed at least 60 credit hours of college-level courses.


To apply for the program, applicants should complete the appropriate form in Room 526 of Jubilee Hall. This can be arranged by mail or by calling the Student Information Office, (973) 761-9222.

To qualify for the Certificate in Business, students must complete the following:

BACC 2103 Financial Accounting 30 credits
BMGT 2501 Principles of Management 45 credits

and ECON 1411

or equivalent

BMKT 2601 Principles of Marketing 45 credits

and ECON 1411

or equivalent

ECON 1411 Introduction to Economics (or equivalent) none

Note: Prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Students must earn a GPA of at least 2.5 for the four courses and earn no more than one grade of “D” or “D+” in the above courses to be eligible for the business certificate.

Some institutions require the last 30 credit hours to be taken in residence. Other colleges may have specific requirements for advance permission before courses may be taken at another college. Applicants should investigate the regulations of the home institution prior to applying for the certificate program.

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