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What is the Undergraduate Certificate?

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Stillman School students who take four, three-credit courses that are part of the entrepreneurial studies program obtain the Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies. These courses are electives taken largely in the Junior and Senior years. Students obtain the Certificate as part of their normal coursework, in addition to their concentration in management, marketing, finance, etc.

Why is it important?

The skills and knowledge learned in the entrepreneurial studies program prepare students to start and run a business. Also important, many large corporations seek students who have developed the “entrepreneurial mindset,” which enables them to be innovative and flexible in every business environment.

What do you learn?

Students learn how to recognize a business opportunity, conduct feasibility studies to determine if a proposed venture can be profitable, write business plans, find sources of funding, consider legal and financial aspects of creating a business, and work in teams to transform ideas into reality. Additionally, students start “virtual” as well as actual businesses, and hear from successful entrepreneurs who are guest speakers in classes.

Which courses count toward the Undergraduate Certificate?

Students are required to take two or more of the following courses: (Course offerings change each semester)

BMKT/BMGT 4629 Sales and Personal Selling
BMGT 4640 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BMGT 4566 Starting a Business
BMGT 4565 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BMGT 4599 Directed Research (Approval Needed)

Students select two or more additional course from the following courses:

BMGT 3524 Doing Business in India
BMGT 4552 China in the Global Economy
BMGT 4560 Project Management
BMGT 4562 Negotiation
BMGT 4599 Directed Research
BMGT/BSPM 4535 The Management of Sport Organizations
BMKT 4625 Retail Marketing
BMKT 4631 Advertising Management
BMKT 4633 Product Management and Development
BMKT 4637 Services Marketing
BAAC 3116 Financial Statement Analysis
BFIN 3211 Financial Strategy
BLAW 4310 NA Advanced Topics (Law and Entrepreneurship)
BMGT 3641/BITM 3741 Supply Chain Management
BACC 3115 Cost Accounting
BMKT 3611 Marketing Research
BMKT 4612 Quantitative Marketing Research

How do I apply for the Certificate?

Students interested in enrolling in the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies Program should contact Professor Susan Scherreik, Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Students should contact their academic advisor as well to make sure that the student is fulfilling all the requirements in his or her academic concentration as the student pursues the Certificate.

When the student has enrolled in the fourth and final course to complete Certificate requirements, the student should fill out the Certificate Application and deliver it to Professor Susan Scherreik, Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at, Room 691 Jubilee Hall.

Download the Certificate Application»

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