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The Graduate Accounting Certificate serves as a "bridge" program for non-accountants who wish to sit for the Uniform CPA Examination and can help you become educationally qualified to be licensed as a CPA.

More than a Certificate

Much more than a CPA review course, these are not CPE credits, they are actual graduate degree credits, that if desired can be rolled into a graduate degree program. Students who complete the 15-credit graduate accounting certificate are eligible to apply to a Stillman School of Business graduate program (e.g., MBA, MSAC or MSPA). If you meet all current requirements for program admission, you can use all certificate courses to fulfill applicable degree requirements.

Who Should Apply?

Business professionals in finance, tax, supply chain management, engineering, law or those who have quantitative backgrounds, are especially suited for the graduate accounting certificate.

  • The external auditors have just asked for documentation on a transaction. Why do they want to know this?
  • The Financial Accounting Standards Board just issued a new opinion. What was the old rule and how will the new opinion change the company's financial statements?
  • Our business is expanding, but the Accounting Department just told me that profits are down. How can this be?
  • What are the financial statement and income tax implications of a new business transaction?

If you have ever wondered these or similar questions, this program is for you. If you want to advance your career to the role of CFO or CEO, or have a need to better understand the accounting environment (walk the walk and talk the talk of your accounting colleagues), give serious consideration to enrolling in this certificate program.

Admission Requirements

To apply, you must possess an undergraduate degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. In addition, you must demonstrate prior coursework in basic financial accounting.

No GMAT or GRE required.

Courses are taught by full-time Stillman School of Business faculty and adjuncts. Courses may also be offered in an online or hybrid format.

Curriculum Course Credits
BACC 7100 Financial Reporting  6
BACC 7123 Auditing Standards and Problems 3
BACC 7128 Advanced Accounting  3
BACC 7135 Essentials of Federal Taxation (covers both individual and corporate taxation)  3

How to Apply

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Provide a current professional resume
  3. Submit all official transcripts from each university attended (including all transfer credits)

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