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Certificate in Graduate Taxation

The Certificate in Graduate Taxation is composed of four 3- credit courses (12 credits): BTAX 6001, BTAX 6003, and two elective courses. The focus of the certificate is to provide students with both a theoretical basis and practical hands-on skills. The certificate is dedicated exclusively to the study of taxation. Admission to the Certificate in Graduate Taxation program requires a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. The completion of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is not required.

The program is suitable for practicing accountants, attorneys, and financial planners who do not primarily practice in the field of taxation but who wish to gain a background in that field of practice. In addition, it is an ideal vehicle for recent accounting graduates and non-accountants graduates who have a desire to receive a focused and convenient program of study in the area of taxation. This certificate is designed for students who are interested in studying taxation for their own professional practice or a venture in family business as well as for those who are interested in developing tax skills, creative thinking and innovative approaches as a careerbuilder in working for small or large corporations.

The certificate program provides students with an overview of the different areas of taxation and provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to identify and resolve many tax issues. The curriculum provides an exposure to the basic areas of taxation while permitting students to take courses designed to accommodate their particular interests. Coursework in the certificate program is geared to professionals employed on a full-time basis. Most classes meet one evening per week starting at 6:15 p.m. or 8:35 p.m. For additional convenience, some courses are also taught on Saturdays or offered on-line for delivery through the internet. A student who wishes to earn the certificate should consult with the Director of Graduate Tax Programs to ensure that the two BTAX elective courses selected are in line with his or her academic/career objectives.

I.  Required Courses (6 credits)   
BTAX 6001 Concepts of Income Determination
BTAX 6003  Tax Research 
II. Elective Course (6 credits) Choose two of the following courses:
BTAX 6005 Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
BTAX 6007 Federal Estate and Gift Taxation
BTAX 6009 Tax Accounting
BTAX 7012 Federal Income Tax Practice and Procedure

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