Stillman School of Business

Certificate in International Business

Offered as part of the Master of Business Administration program, this certificate consists of interdepartmental course offerings. Candidates who wish to qualify for a Certificate in International Business must complete a minimum of 11 credit hours (4 courses) from the following list of courses:

BACC 7117 International Accounting1 3
BACC 7118 Doing Business in the Middle East 3
BFIN 7216 International Finance 3
BFIN 7221 Risk Management* 3
BHRM 7535 International Human Resource Management 3
BHRM 7550 Cultural Dimensions of International Business* 3
BINT 6907 Global Strategy 3
BINT 9900 Seminar on the Multinational Corporation* 3
BLAW 7323 International Law 3
BMBA 9202 International Perspective* 2
BMGT 6900 The Environment of Global Business 3
BMGT 7527 International Management in Developing Countries 3
BMGT 7529 Doing Business in China 3
BMGT 7931 International Management 3
BMGT 7962 Managerial Negotiating 3
BMGT 7991 Management of Foreign Operations 3
BMGT 9320 Managing Knowledge Workers 3
BITM 7442 Electronic Commerce 3
BMKT 7615 Comparative Marketing Systems 3
BMKT 7617 International Marketing 3
BMKT 7618 International Retailing 3
BMKT 7633 Cases in Strategic Marketing 3
BMKT 7993 Multinational Corporations in the Asian Market* 3
BTAX 7033 Multinational Tax Considerations2 3
BTAX 7039 Multinational Tax Seminar2 3
ECON 7410 Global Economic Change 3
ECON 7412 The Japanese Economy 3
ECON 7441 International Trade 3

1Requires permission from the chair of the Department of Accounting & Taxation.
Requires permission from the director of the MS in Taxation Program. Additional electives may be approved by the program director.

In addition to providing an opportunity for matriculated Seton Hall graduate students to study international business, the certificate is available on a non-degree basis to qualified working professionals who hold a graduate degree. For nonbusiness students, BMGT 6900 must be taken as a prerequisite for all other courses, except for those marked with an asterisk (*).

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