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What is the Undergraduate Certificate?

Stillman School students who take four, three-credit courses that are part of the supply chain management program obtain the Undergraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management. These courses are electives taken largely in the Junior and Senior years. Students obtain the Certificate as part of their normal coursework, in addition to their concentration in information technology management, marketing, finance, accounting etc.

Why is it important?

Supply Chain Management integrates supply and demand management functions within and across companies. Over the past few decades, supply chains have risen in prominence within many companies. This has created a growing need for students who can contribute to various parts of the supply chain by means of specializations obtained during their higher-education.

What do you learn?

Our main objective in the undergraduate supply chain certificate is to help students acquire the necessary skills and modeling techniques that can help analyze practical situations which arise in supply chains. Consequently, in all the courses, we emphasize examples from industry and use them to provide illustrations of the concepts in practice. The certificate provides a practical understanding of the principles of supply chain management and helps students develop an understanding of both analytic and technical methods which can be applied to optimize these systems.

Which courses count toward the Undergraduate Certificate?

Students are required to take the three following courses: (Course offerings change each semester)

BQUA2812 Quantitative Methods for Business
BITM3741 Supply Chain Management
BITM3732 Supply Chain Management with SAP

Students may select one additional course form the following courses:

BITM 3744 Business Intelligence
BITM 3727 Advanced Business Software Tools
BITM 3724 Business Information Modeling
BMKT 4635 Retail Marketing
BMKT 4629 Sales and Personal Selling
BMGT 4562 Negotiation
BMGT 4640 Entrepreneurship

How do I apply for the Certificate?

Students interested in enrolling in the Certificate for Supply Chain Management should contact Professor Penina Orenstein. Students should contact their academic advisor as well to make sure that the student is fulfilling all the requirements in his or her academic concentration as the student pursues the Certificate.

When the student has enrolled in the fourth and final course to complete Certificate requirements, the student should fill out the Certificate Application and deliver it to Professor David Rosenthal, Room 685 Jubilee Hall.

Download the Certificate Application »

For further information on the certificate in Supply Chain Management or any aspect of the Supply Chain Program at Stillman, contact Dr. Penina Orenstein via

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