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The mission of the Department of Accounting and Taxation is to prepare students to assume roles as accounting professionals in a global society and to advance the body of knowledge in the discipline. Our curricula, delivered in an environment characterized by small classes and extensive faculty student engagement, provide innovative and high-quality educational experiences that emphasize technical knowledge, analytical and communication skills, proficiency in information technology, and ethics. Our programs are strengthened both by the contributions made by our industry partners and the ethical philosophy of the University.

Students pursuing the B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting have the option to apply to a dual degree program in which they can earn both their bachelor's degree program in which they can earn both their bachelor's degree and a Master of Science in Professional Accounting within a five year period. Two options are available.Students may: (1) apply for a dual admission to both degrees at the time of their initial application to the School or (2) apply for admission to the M.S.P.A portion of the program during their junior year.

Undergraduate Seton Hall University accounting students are eligible to enroll in the combined B.S./M.S.P.A. program once they have earned90 credits and have completed BACC 3111 (Intermediate Accounting II).

Undergraduate students are required to take the GMAT and formally complete an application for the M.S.P.A. program. Students enrolled in the combined program take a mixture of undergraduate and graduate courses during their senior year followed by all graduate work thereafter.

After earning 120 credits and completing the undergraduate business core, liberal arts core, and all arts and sciences undergraduate elective courses, students have the option of receiving their B.S.B. degree.

After completing all M.S.P.A. requirements and earning 150 credits, students receive their M.S.P.A. degree.

For more information on the program please contact Dr. David Mest, Director of Graduate Accounting Programs, (973) 275-2961.

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