Stillman School of Business

2014 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Louis Miu '75
    Owner and President
    Miu & Co.

    Louis Miu

  • Huichen Xu, M.B.A. '13
    Owner and President
    Meichen Group 

    Huichen Xu

2013 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • James M. DiCarlo Jr.
    Fleetwash, Inc.

    James M. DiCarlo Jr

  • Shannon D.M. Morris ’92/M.A. ’94
    Sigma Group

    Shannon D.M. Morris

2012 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Charles Alberto '55
    Founder and President
    Form Cut Industries, Inc.

    Charles Alberto

  • William Bartzak
    President and CEO
    MD On-Line, Inc.

    William Bartzak

2011 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Victor V. Scudiery '56
    Interstate Electronics, Inc.

    Victor Scudiery

  • Michael Lucciola '83/ M.B.A '86
    Chief Executive Officer
    Firefly Group

    Michael Lucciola

2010 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • George Ring '65/ M.B.A '71
    President and CEO
    Wireless Cable International Inc.

    George Ring

  • Salvatore Cocco Jr. '77
    Financial Consultant
    AXA Advisors, LLC

    Salvatore Cocco

2009 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Bob Baldini '53
    Former President
    Key Pharmaceuticals

    Bob Baldini

  • Brian Fitzpatrick '75
    President and CEO
    Bentley Laboratories, LLC

    Brian Fitzpatrick

2008 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • David B. Gerstein '63
    President and CEO
    Thermwell Products Co., Inc.

    david gerstein

  • Joseph J. Hughes '71
    President and CEO
    Country Club Services, Inc.

    Joseph Hughes

2007 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Thomas J. Sharkey '54
    General Partner
    Meeker Sharkey and Associates

    Thomas J. Sharkey '54

  • John Auriemma '81
    American Wear, Inc.

    John Auriemma '81

2006 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Vito DiGiovanni '84
    CEO and Co-founder
    Fleetwash, Inc.

    Vito DiGiovanni '84

  • Stephen G. Waldis '89
    CEO and Founder
    Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

    Stephen G. Waldis '89

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