Stillman School of Business
  •  Wagdy Abdallah - International Accounting, Doing Business in the Middle East

  • Amar Amar - Managing Knowledge Workers, Doing Business In India

  • Joan Coll - Cultural Dimensions of International Business, Seminar in the Management of Change

  • John Dall - Global Economic Change 

  • Richard Downs - International Trade 

  • Richard J. Hunter - The International Perspective, International Business Law, Doing Business in Eastern and Central Europe

  • Héctor R. Lozada - International Marketing, Doing Business in Eastern and Central Europe, Doing Business in the European Union, Cases in Strategic Marketing

  • Larry McCarthy  - Doing Business in Ireland, Doing Business in Italy, International Sport Management

  • George Priovolos - The Environment of Global Business, International Management, Comparative Marketing Systems, Global Business Capstone 

  • Jason Yin - Doing Business in China, China in the Global Economy

  • Yeomin Yoon- International Finance 

Undergraduate BINT 5001 Global Business Colloquium - Fall 2008

  • Professors Jorge Arevalo, Mary Saladino, John Shannon, BJ Taylor, Sal Cordo, Hector Lozada. Course coordinator: Larry McCarthy.

International Academic Travel Organizers: 

  • Professors Abdallah, Amar, Ford, Saladino, Hunter, Lozada, McCarthy, O'Sullivan, Yin
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