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Stillman School of Business
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Leadership Development Self-Nomination Application *

Application Deadline - March 23, 2016

Part I
Please provide your name, address, telephone number, email, SAT math and reading scores, ACT (if applicable), intended major, name of high school and high school GPA on the cover sheet of your portfolio.  In the next page, please explain why, in a single page, you are nominating yourself for the Leadership Development Program.  
Part II 
Please list the leadership positions that you have held during your high school career. These positions can be drawn from a wide range of life experiences, from community, church or school services, to personal or family leadership roles. Briefly describe what you learned about leadership from each of these experiences. Prepare approximately a paragraph for each experience. 
Part III 
Identify an individual who exemplifies outstanding leadership to you. In a single-spaced typed page, explain your reasons for your selection. The individual you select can be drawn from a wide array of life endeavors, including but not limited to history, religion, politics, fictional materials (either literature or cinema), athletics, business, personal life, the arts, the sciences or entertainment life.
Part IV 
Submit three different photographs of yourself. Prepare a caption for each photograph.  Applicants are free to design and assemble their portfolios as their creative spirits guide them. As examples, essays can be composed in the first, second, or third person or in a script format. Photographs and their captions can likewise be prepared in unusual ways. 

The application must be submitted online.
Submit application as a PDF file with photos included. Please note, we will be contacting each
applicant via email within a few weeks after the deadline.

If desired, a physical copy of the portfolio can also be mailed to:

Professor Michael M. Reuter
Director – The Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development
Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Avenue
Jubilee Hall - Room 671 
South Orange, NJ  07079

* All candidates for the Leadership Development Program Honors Program must be accepted into the Stillman School of Business and maintain a good academic standing in the University.

Students may be admitted to both the Leadership Development Honors Program and the University's Honors Program. Selected Leadership Development required courses will be waived for students who are enrolled in both Leadership Development and the University Honors Program.

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