Stillman School of Business

The Stillman School of Business offers four minor programs to undergraduate students. Link to the course catalog for additional information on each minor.

Minor in Accounting
Available to all business and nonbusiness majors. The curriculum consists of 18 credits of coursework – 12 credits of required courses and 6 credits of accounting electives.

Minor in International Business
The minor in international business provides the global and cross-cultural knowledge required for success in today’s rapidly changing international business environment. A special emphasis is placed on languages as well as cultural and geopolitical dimensions of the current international business environment.

Minor in Business Administration
Available to Seton Hall students majoring in disciplines other than business, the minor in business administration supplements the liberal arts or sciences preparation and facilitates a transition to a business career.

Minor in Economics

Once referred to as the “dismal science” by Thomas Carlyle economics is not dreary. It is the study of what constitutes rational human behavior as we fulfill our needs and wants. Economists are interested in the choices individuals and nations make, and why, which makes for an exciting course of study. Both business and non-business majors may elect to complete a minor in Economics.

Minor in Legal Studies in Business
This minor is a uniquely designed interdisciplinary program. By structuring required course selections and making the commitment toward a rigorous course of study, students will demonstrate competence in those areas of business pre-legal study that will prepare them for the study of law.

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