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Completion of the M.S. in Professional Accounting requires a minimum of 30 credits of approved coursework, composed of 21 credit hours of accounting courses and 9 credit hours of non-accounting courses. Three restrictions apply:
  • no course may be transferred if it has been applied to a prior degree
  • a minimum of 24 credit hours of coursework must be completed at the Stillman School
  • students may not repeat courses taken previously at the graduate or undergraduate level

Course Sequence and Program Length
Candidates for the master’s degree are expected to fulfill all degree requirements within a maximum of five years after they have begun their studies. The program can be completed in approximately one year (evenings only).

M.S./Professional Accounting Curriculum

I. Accounting Courses (21 credits)
A. Required Courses

 BACC 8001
Financial Accounting Seminar
 BACC 7122
Federal Income Taxation of Businesses

B. Accounting Electives (select 15 credits)*

 BACC 7101
 Financial Statement Analysis
 BACC 7106
 Financial Instruments
 BACC 7114
 Cost Accounting
 BACC 7117
 International Accounting
 BACC 7119
 Fund Accounting
 BACC 7121
 Federal Income Taxation of Individuals
 BACC 7123
 Auditing  3
 BACC 7126 Enterprise-Wide Accounting Info. Sys I  3
 BACC 7127
 Enterprise-Wide Accounting Info. Sys II
 BACC 7128
 Advanced Accounting
 BACC 7190
 Accounting Internship I
 BACC 7191
 Accounting Internship II
 BACC 7199
 Directed Research
 BTAX xxxx
 Any BTAX course

II. Business Courses (9 credits)

 BLAW 7313
 Uniform Commercial Code

B. International Business Courses (select 3 credits)

 BACC 7118
 Doing Business in the Middle East
 BFIN 7216
 International Finance
 BLAW 7323
 International Law
 BMGT 7527
 International Management in Developing Countries
&nbspBMGT 7529  Doing Business in China &nbsp3
 BMGT 7931
 International Management
 BMGT 7991
 Management of Foreign Operations
 BMKT 7617
 International Marketing
 ECON 7441
 International Trade

C. Business Course Offerings (select 3 credits)

Choose from approved graduate business courses at the 7000 level or above. BACC, BMBA, and BTAX courses will not count.

Total Credits: 30

David Mest, Ph.D.

(973) 275-2961
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