University Core Curriculum

University Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum Journey of TransformationCore Curriculum is rooted in questions central but not exclusive to the Catholic intellectual tradition. Seton Hall's Signature Courses stress student self-knowledge, a passion for intellectual and ethical engagement, and the development of critical thinking, thoughtful communication, and servant leadership habits for a diverse and evolving world. Read more »

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Proficiency-infused courses provide students with the systematic and ongoing development of competencies: 

  • Reading and Writing 
  • Oral Communication 
  • Information Fluency 
  • Numeracy 
  • Critical Thinking

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Information for Students

  • Why is the Core interdisciplinary?
  • How doe the core curriculum distinguish Seton Hall from other universities?

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Core Courses

Seton Hall University's Core Curriculum is an approach to general education that encourages students to become thinking, caring, communicative and ethically responsible leaders with a commitment to service.

The Core Curriculum consists of six common courses, as well as the systematic development of five academic proficiencies through the study of the liberal arts and sciences. Learn more about the course offerings »


Information for Parents

Resources have been provided to help you better understand the University Core Curriculum, its history and rationale. View available resources »


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