Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations

About the Dual Degree Program
The combined B.S./M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations program allows undergraduate students at the School of Diplomacy to earn a bachelor's and a 45 credit master's degree in an extended program of study.
Students interested in the combined degree, who have completed 60 credit hours by the first semester of their junior year, may apply for admission to the master's program. If accepted, the program begins the second semester of junior year. The combined B.S./M.A. program requires attendance during summer sessions.
Applications for the B.S./M.A. are available online. Visit http://www.shu.edu/academics/diplomacy/apply.cfm and select the "Prospective Graduate Student" option. Applicants must have a 3.2 minimum GPA, and are required to meet with the School's Graduate Admissions Committee.

The total number of credits required for the combined B.S./M.A. program is 147, with 102 at the undergraduate level and 45 at the graduate level. The requirements for the B.S. degree are reduced by 18 credits for students pursuing this combined program of study, but all of the requirements for the traditional M.A. degree must be completed. The 18 waived undergraduate credits/courses are highlighted in the below table. B.S./M.A. students use their first six graduate courses to waive these credits and receive their bachelor's degree. 

Once students complete the remaining nine graduate courses, including all core, distribution and specialization requirements, they are eligible to receive their master's degree.

 A comprehensive list of undergraduate course descriptions is available here. See the graduate catalogue for 6000-7000 level courses and specializations.

Waived Undergraduate Courses/Credits for B.S./M.A. Program

Diplomacy elective 3
Diplomacy elective 3
DIPL 3111 Practicum 3
XXXX Free elective 3
XXXX Free elective 3
XXXXFree elective3

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