Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations
An Engaging Faculty

With years of experience in the field and training at some of the most prestigious institutions, our distinguished faculty’s passion for international relations is matched by their desire to inspire and support our students. Faculty members serve as academic mentors providing guidance on everything from developing a plan of study to preparing for future careers. In addition, professors bring students into their research through conferences and joint projects.

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The School of Diplomacy's full-time and adjunct faculty includes lawyers, economists, and career diplomats. Their expertise spans the fields of international law, ethnic conflict, negotiation, refugees, energy policy, global health, human rights, economics, dispute settlement, multilateral policymaking democratization and more. Our faculty’s combination of academic and professional expertise allows professors to bring cutting-edge issues and real-world examples to the classroom, bridging the gap between theory and practice with active learning strategies such as diplomatic simulations, policy memo, op-ed and video abstract assignments, and skill-building workshops.

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While taking a class in conflict negotiation, Vance Crowe, a 2010 Master's program graduate from Illinois with a background in journalism, worked closely with assistant professor Zheng Wang on op-ed pieces, examining U.S.-China relations and the subsequent significance of the diplomatic appointments of the Obama administration. The articles, which Crowe helped to research and draft, were featured in the Newark Star Ledger and the Washington Times. "The professors here want to bring you up to their level of expertise, to get your hands on the levers that really affect the world," Crowe explains. "They are engaging, demanding, and really help us to succeed."

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