Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations

The Department of Asian Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Diplomacy offer a dual degree program with a focus on East Asia. A solid understanding of East Asian history, language and culture complements students' competence in international relations. The dual degree program can be completed in 60 credits, instead of the 81-84 credits that would be required to complete the two programs separately.

Students apply independently to each degree program, preferably indicating at the time of application that they intend to follow the joint M.A. in Asian Studies/ M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations program. Students may also apply for admission to the dual degree program before completion of 12 credits in either of the two separate programs.


Diplomacy and International Relations Component (21 credits)

DIPL 6000
International Relations Theory
DIPL 6001 or
DIPL 6180
Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism
Comparative Foreign Policy
DIPL 6002 or
DIPL 6005
International Organizations
Public International Law
DIPL 6105 or
DIPL 6155
International Political Economy
Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations
Diplomacy Electives

Asian Studies Component (30 credits)

Traditional East Asia (12 credits)
ASIA 6140
Survey of Chinese Civilization
ASIA 6121
History and Culture of Japan I 3
ASIA 6122
History and Culture of Japan II 3
And one of the following: (3 credits)
ASIA 6141
Foundations of Chinese Civilization
ASIA 6142
Development of Chinese Civilization
ASIA 6143
Maturity of Chinese Civilization
Modern and Contemporary East Asia (6 credits)
ASIA 6145
Modern East Asia  3
ASIA 6146
Contemporary East Asia
East Asian Language (12 credits)
CHIN 6111-6114
Graduate Chinese Conversation and Composition I-IV
CHIN 6111-6118
Graduate Readings in Modern Chinese I-II
CHIN 6120-6121
Graduate Chinese Newspaper Readings I-II
JAPN 6111-6112
Graduate Modern Japanese I and II
JAPN 6113-6114
Graduate Newspaper Readings I and II
Students must demonstrate intermediate proficiency to enroll in these courses. Students with language fluency may be exempt and substitute free electives.

Research Practicum (9 credits)

ASIA 9111 or
DIPL 6310
Research Methods
ASIA 9200 or
DIPL 6311
Research Project/Thesis
DIPL 7111
Internship 3

Students requesting faculty recommendations for Ph.D. studies must write a thesis.

A comprehensive list of Diplomacy course descriptions is available here.

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