Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations

The School of Diplomacy and the Stillman School of Business offer a dual degree program that combines the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with the M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations. This dual degree program takes advantage of the synergy between the two fields, providing a unique combination of detailed business training with a thorough understanding of international policy issues.


Students must apply independently to each degree program, preferably indicating at the time of application that they intend to follow the joint M.B.A./ M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations program. Students may apply for admission to the joint degree program before completion of 12 credits in either program, but some loss of credits may result from late admission.


  1. Diplomacy and International Relations Component (30 credits)
    The Diplomacy Core (24 credits)
DIPL 6000
International Relations Theory
DIPL 6001 or
DIPL 6180
Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism
Comparative Foreign Policy
DIPL 6002 or
DIPL 6005
International Organizations
Public International Law
DIPL 6153 or
DIPL 6170
Sustainable Development in Global Perspective
Advanced Topics in Economic Development for International Affairs
DIPL 6105 or
DIPL 6155
International Political Economy
Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations
DIPL 6310
Research Methods for Policy Analysis
DIPL 6311
Master's Research Project
DIPL 7111
Internship 3
Diplomacy Electives

Diplomacy Electives (6 credits)
Any two Diplomacy courses at the 6000 or 7000 level.

  1. M.B.A. Component (30/33 credits)
    Pre-Qualification Sequence (non-credit bearing)

Foundation Sequence (16 credits)

BMBA 9111
Analytical Methods and Information Systems for Business
BMBA 9112
Accounting and Legal Considerations
BMBA 9113
Financial Accounting and Economic Analysis
BMBA 9114
Organizational and Market Dynamics

Essential Knowledge Sequence (2 credits)
BMBA 9201 Social Responsibility

Concentration Courses (12/15 credits)
Four 3-credit courses in one of the concentrations in the School of Business (five 3-credit courses for the Accounting concentration). Dual degree students do not take International Perspective (BMBA 9202) or Business Policy Capstone (BMBA 9400). Dual degree students write a Master's Research Project under the guidance of both their Business and Diplomacy advisers. 

A comprehensive list of Diplomacy course descriptions can be found in the graduate catalogue.

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