Biology (BS) with Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


The seven year dual-degree program (BS/DPT) joins the undergraduate Biology program with the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. This is a 3+4  dual degree program where the student takes classes for the first three years in the Department of Biology and the last four years at the School of Health and Medical Sciences.

The Physical Therapy program at Seton Hall accepts incoming freshman for enrollment in the entire program provided that the student maintains a 3.0 GPA in Biology courses as well as 3.0 GPA in specific pre-requisites courses (with no grades in these courses being less than a C). These pre-requisite courses for the undergraduate portion of the program are English I, Oral Communications, Calculus I, General Chemistry I and II including both lecture and lab, Introduction to Psychology, Physics I and II lecture and lab, as well as Anatomy and Physiology I and II.  The student must also complete 50 hours of volunteer work by June 1st in order to move over to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.
Depending on seat availability current students in Biology, as well as transfer students, may be accepted at the undergraduate portion of the program. Each cohort of entering students will be reviewed by a committee of admissions.
All students in this program must fulfill the core requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, the departmental requirements for a degree in Biology and the requirements for the Physical Therapy  degree. An adviser will assist students in planning their course of study to complete the program within the seven-year time span.  If the student maintains the required GPA as an undergraduate, he/she is admitted into the final four years of professional studies, without needing to take the Graduate Record Exams (GREs are waived for dual degree students).
Admission to Seton Hall’s program is open to applicants who successfully complete a high school college preparatory curriculum, including courses in the Social Sciences, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, English, Foreign Language and Chemistry.  Applicants applying to the Program must have at minimum Pre-Calculus as their terminal Math class from their secondary school. A math, verbal and language placement exam is required of all accepted applicants.
Students are encouraged to take AP courses in high school. Please check with the contact individual below, since all AP courses are not accepted.
AP Biology courses are not accepted, as well as AP Anatomy and Physiology in the Department of Biology, so please do not take these classes as AP courses.
SAT scores are required of all applicants. International students must submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores.
Due to a limit on the number of Physical Therapy students in each entering freshman class admission into the program is extremely selective. Although it not required, a student having documented volunteer work, with a letter of recommendation, is very important as part of your application package.  Strong personal statements are also suggested.
Contact Information
For the Undergraduate Portion in the Department of Biology
Dr. Gerald Ruscingno
Director of Dual Degree Programs
College of Arts and Sciences
(973) 275-2015
E-mail: or
B.S. Program Website
For the Professional Phase (Graduate Phase in the Department of Physical Therapy)
Dr  Doreen M. Stiskal, PT
Chairperson, Department of Physical Therapy
School of Health and Medical Science
(973) 275-2051 or (973) 275-2320
E-mail:  or
DPT Program Website
Due to  busy schedules, it may be easier to get in contact via e-mail rather than phone.

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