BA Psychology and MA Professional Psychology & Family Therapy


The Department of Psychology (College of Arts and Sciences) and Professional Psychology and Family Therapy (College of Education and Human Services) offer a dual degree program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.) and Master of Arts in Pyschological Studies. This five-year program permits students to take four required courses from the graduate Psychological Studies program during their senior year.  Satisfactory completion of the M.A. program would allow students to apply to one of the Professional Psychology and Family Therapy (PPFT) Ed.S. practitioner programs in Mental Health Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy.  Selection of graduate electives should be done in consultation with the PPFT graduate program adviser.
Requirements for Program Admission

  • Have senior status (90 credits) by the time courses begin (apply in second semester  of junior year) 
  • Submit College of Education and Human Services graduate application (available online)
  • Overall Undergraduate GPA 3.0; Psychology GPA 3.2
  • Letter of recommendation from major adviser
  • Personal Statement

Contact Information:
Dr. Susan Nolan
Chair, Department of Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences
(973) 761-9485
B.A. Program Website
Dr. Sandra Lee
Director of Program
College of Education and Human Services
(973) 761-9450
M.A.E. Program Website

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