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The B.S.E. in Integrated Elementary and Special Education with a Concentration in Speech-Language Pathology, offered through Seton Hall University's College of Education and Human Services and the School of Health and Medical Sciences, prepares competent, social conscious, reflective teachers who understand the current issues and purposes of special education. This 4 +2 program joins the undergraduate special education program with the School of Health and Medical Sciences' M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology Program. The undergraduate program consists of a College of Arts and Sciences major, a dual certification in elementary and especial education and concentration in speech-pathology courses. Students complete an undergraduate degree leading to a B.S.E. and eligibility for endorsement as a teacher, in specified areas, in the state of New Jersey.  If undergraduate program and GPA requirements are met, students receive automatic admission in to the speech-language pathology graduate program.

A Unique Approach

The undergraduate elementary and special education program + graduate speech-language pathology program are nationally recognized by their professional associations, the Association for Childhood Education International, Council for Exceptional Children and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The program provides students with the opportunity to earn two professional degrees (B.S.E. and M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology). Candidates earn certification for both programs upon completion of coursework, clinical experiences and national exams. Undergraduate students may receive two additional teaching certificates in elementary and special education by completing four additional courses beyond the required program.

Who Should Apply?

Students interested in seeking careers as elementary and special education teachers with a specialization in speech-language pathology should apply to this program.

The Program

The B.S.E. in Integrated Elementary and Special Education with a Concentration in Speech-Language Pathology is a four-year undergraduate program and two-year graduate program with a minimum of 120 credits required for the B.S.E. Students in the program select a full major from the College of Arts and Sciences and complete a general education sequence consisting of courses outside of professional education. Teaching majors, as defined by the New Jersey Department of Education are English, math, history, science (biology and environmental studies), world languages, and fine arts. Majors, such as psychology, social and behavioral sciences, sociology, communications and others, may be taken; however, these types of majors are not considered to be teaching majors and allow teachers to focus on teaching between K-4th grades.  If students maintain a GPA of 3.0 throughout the undergraduate program and are in good standing in their field placement work, they are granted automatic acceptance into the School of Health and Medical Sciences' two-year master's program in speech-language pathology without MAT or GRE scores or application fees.
The professional education sequence leads to the Bachelor of Science in Education and eligibility for endorsement as a teacher in specified areas, in the state of New Jersey. The sequence of courses is based upon the standards of the following national and professional associations:

As a result of these associations, the program offers a high-quality education that reflects best teaching practices as defined by the leading practitioners and researchers in the fields.
Field experience is required for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Candidates are required to complete four field internships connected to specific professional education courses prior to their senior clinical experience. Each internship is supervised by a trained representative from the College. During the senior clinical practice, students gradually plan and teach the entire class, with support and evaluation from a trained supervisor and their cooperating teachers. The Office of Field Placement and Supervision works with faculty and students to coordinate field experiences with courses, providing students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and practice skills.
Upon completion of the program, candidates are eligible for recommendation to the state of New Jersey for the Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) within their field of study. A passing score on the appropriate Praxis examination is also required for the CEAS. Under current New Jersey regulations, the candidate must then successfully serve as a provisionally endorsed teacher for one year before the state will grant a permanent certificate. 

Career Advancement

Graduates of the B.S.E. in Special Education + M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology program are working as elementary and special education teachers and speech-language pathologists in school districts in the tri-state region.

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