College of Education and Human Services

In the Secondary/Special Education Program, students will complete the full 30 hour program in secondary education, the liberal arts core, their content major, and an additional 18 credit sequence in special education. In addition, one of the four field experiences will be an in inclusive classroom environment.

Program Requirements:

  • Liberal Art Core - 40 credits
  • Liberal Art Major (minimum) - 36 credits
  • Secondary Education - 30 credits
  • Special Education - 18 credits
  • Total (minimum) - 123 credits

Areas of Certification for Integrated Secondary and Special Education:

  1. Instructional Certificate in the Content Major from Arts and Sciences
  2. Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Special Education Sequence

CPSY 1001 Diverse Learners and Their Families Part I3
CPSY 1002 Diverse Learners and Their Families Part II3
CPSY 2101 Learning Disabilities3
CPSY 2102 Developmental Disabilities3
CPSY 3103 Psycho-Educational Diagnosis and Assessment in Special Education3
CPSY 3400 Literacy and Numeracy Strategies for Diverse Learners3

Secondary Education Sequence

EDST 1301Educational Psychology and Classroom Practice3
EDST 1501 Education in the United States: Past and Present3
EDST 2003Instructional Theory and Practice3
EDST 2501Philosophy of Education and Curriculum Development3
EDST 3301Educational Evaluation3
EDST 3510Culture, Community and Schools3
EDST 3513Methods of Teaching Music3
EDST 3514Teaching Art, K-123
EDST 3601English Language Arts: Teaching Middle and Secondary English3
EDST 3602Math Education: Teaching Middle and Secondary School Mathematics3
EDST 3603Science Education: Teaching Middle and High School Science3
EDST 3604Social Education: Teaching Middle and Secondary Social Studies3
EDST 3605Teaching Methods for World Languages3
EDST 4500Senior Internship3

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