College of Education and Human Services

Secondary Education majors have the opportunity to enroll in a dual-track certification program in both Secondary Education and Special Education (SSED). This new program allows candidates who are preparing to become content teachers in secondary education to also be fully certified as teachers of students with disabilities in New Jersey, As a result, after four years of teacher preparation, graduates will be able to move from one-on-one and small groups to whole group instruction throughout a range of settings from content classrooms to inclusion and special education settings. The dual-track major will greatly increase your ability to serve an increasingly diverse student population in the secondary classroom.

Technology Integration: Cutting Edge Teacher Preparation
The College of Education and Human Services has an active partnership with the Instructional Technology Division at Seton Hall. We recognize that the active and effective integration of technology to engage, assess and include all learners is a central component of the educational landscape. Our graduates are expected to develop a broad set of technology skills in support of their work as a developing teacher.  

Incoming students who are interested in pursuing the Secondary/Special Education Program should make sure they enroll with the SSED program code during advisement with their mentors.

To learn more about the Secondary Education program and its specific requirements, please click here.

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