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About the Certificate Program:

The K-12 Supervisor Certificate is an online program designed to enable teachers/educators to efficiently access the coursework needed to meet the New Jersey State Department of Education 12 credit requirement for a supervisor certificate.

This compact 4 course program is taught by highly regarded SHU faculty with great insight into the theory and practice of supervision and curriculum.

Who is Eligible:

This program may be incorporated into a course of study for an Educational Leadership graduate program at Seton Hall University. It is also open and available for those who seek supervisory and curriculum skills.

Students who possess a Bachelor's Degree may register for these courses, however, certification from the New Jersey Department of Education will not be granted until such time that the one possesses a master’s degree and a minimum of three years teaching experience under a state issued instructional certificate.

Students who already have a Master’s Degree and a minimum of three years teaching experience upon completion of the four (4) courses may apply to the State of NJ for a Supervisor Certificate.

For further information, contact Sheila Gardner, Program Secretary at (973) 275-2813 or Remlyn Gongob (973) 275-2735, or e-mail or

How to Apply:

Students may take courses on a non-matriculating basis. For more information about applying, click here »

Upon completion of the application, you MUST also contact Sheila Gardner or Remlyn Gongob in order to ensure enrollment in the course management system.Applicants must demonstrate that they are ready for graduate level work by submitting undergraduate transcripts showing degree earned.


The following four courses are offered online to fulfill the supervisor's certification requirement:

  • ELMP 6665 XMV Curriculum Development and Evaluation
  • ELMP 6666 XMV Supervision of Instruction and Evaluation
  • ELMP 7772 XMV Leadership Dynamics: Analysis of Supervisory Behavior
  • ELMP 7776 XMV Curriculum Design and Engineering

See the University's graduate catalogue for further details.


The cost for each course is $2,193 ($2,000 +$193 fees). This is a discounted price and further discounts are not permitted.

Upcoming Schedule for the 2015-2016 Academic Year:

Spring 2016  (January 10 – April 9, 2016)

  • ELMP 6665 XMV: Curriculum Development and Evaluation (CRN=17592)
  • ELMP 7772 XMV: Leadership Dynamics (CRN=17593)

Summer 2016 (Dates TBA)

  • ELMP 6666 XMV: Supervision of Instruction (CRN=TBA)
  • ELMP 7776 XMV: Curriculum Design and Engineering (CRN=TBA

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