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About the Certificate Program:

The Post-M.A. in School Counseling Certificate meets the requirements set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education for certification as a school counselor. The program prepares competent, socially conscious and reflective professional counselors for work in ethnically, geographically and socially diverse K-12 educational settings. The program prepares school counselors to maximize the potential of all students through comprehensive developmental school counseling programs and develops skills as competent school counselors and effective consultants, collaborators, advocates and leaders in an ever-changing global society.  

The program meets the credential requirements for school counselors set by the New Jersey Department of Education. Further, the program works to meet the standards set by the Council of Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC).

How to Apply:

  • For more information about applying, click here »
  • To request a printed application, please e-mail and refer to Post-M.A., School Counseling Certificate Program.


The curriculum for the certificate follows the same curriculum as that for the M.A. in School Counseling. The program director will review each student's transcripts in order to evaluate course equivalencies. Courses where an equivalent course has not been taken will need to be completed in the program. 

Counseling Core 
CPSY 6002
Counseling Theory
CPSY 6601
Couple and Family Dynamics
CPSY 6301
Career Development and Counseling
CPSY 6316
Group Counseling
CPSY 6003
Counseling Skills

CPSY 6005
Appraisal and Assessment of Counseling


Psychological Foundations

CPSY 6102
Psychology of Human Development
CPSY 6505
Principles of Learning and Behavior Modification

Sociological Foundations
CPSY 8100
Multicultural Counseling and Psychology
CPSY 6303
Counseling and Community Agencies



CPSY 7101
Research Methods

Supervised Experience
CPSY 7310
Practicum in Counseling
CPSY 7380
Practicum in Counseling I
CPSY 7381
Practicum in Counseling II

Professional Orientation
CPSY 6305
Counseling and Supervision in School Settings
CPSY 7001
Counselor Ethics in Practice

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